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Lusciouslox: 100% Human Hair Extension Certified


 I am very pleased to announce that you have a great new choice in extensions with Lusciouslox. My salon has an exclusive agreement where we are not only certified but the only place in Frisco to get this service.

Lusciouslox: Nano Ring

Lusciouslox is the newest, smallest Hair Tip Extension System that offers the smallest tip microing -10 times smaller than all the others.

Hair & Bead

This system blends in perfectly, seamless and not bulky giving you damage free 100% human hair extensions that can be used for up to 2 years with all types of hair.

Book your appointment and consultation today! 

Get Hair that is marvelous, easy to style and enjoy life with a Keratherapy Keratin Treatment

What a keratin treatment is AND why it is good for you? 

Official Name: Keratherapy Brazilian Keratin Renewal System
What It does: Is a unique hair smoothing procedure that improves shine, elasticity, eliminates frizz and facilitates styling, all while keeping hair smooth and soft for a period of 12 weeks or more depending on the aftercare products used.
Why I use this system: This system contains 0 formaldehyde!

I am also certified with this system on the proper procedures for applying and helping you maintain this treatment! 

Overall Benefits: 

  • Introduces the most advanced technology for smoothing keratin without ANY chemical products.
  • Seals color to prolong the vibrancy of blonde highlights or intense collars. Ideal for all types and textures.
  • Ideal for all types of hair including color treated or highlighted.
  • Meets Canadian, European and all other health regulations worldwide.
  • Uses botanical fruit extracts, silk, amino acids, collagen and pure keratin to penetrate the cuticle from the inside to the outside while softening and controlling each strand of hair.
    • Antioxidants: neutralizes free radicals and protects agains UV exposure and other external forces.

Depending on the hair type there are different treatments out there for you! Including a “express” that will last 30 days.

With each kerathrapy treatment the increase of keratin leaves hair:

  • softer and silkier
  • cuts blow dry time up to 50%
  • cuts down frizz up to 50%


  • New clients: Treat yourself to a sweet deal and take 30% off of a keratin treatment. 
  • Existing clients: Refer two new clients for a keratin treatment you will get 20% off your next keratin treatment – make sure they tell me YOU sent them in! 

Fridays Teachers Special

Teachers Get 20% Off Services on Friday

Teachers: 20% Off on Friday

After School Friday Special: 

Are you a teacher or know one who could use a afternoon of pampering? Every Friday I offer a special discount to all the hardworking teachers and other school employees. Take 20% off any service from haircuts to color the choice is yours!

Book your Friday appointment today and make sure to mention that you are a teacher and/or what school you work for.

If you are an existing client looking to pamper a teacher contact me about a gift certificate and appointment.

New Client Special

Are you looking for a stylist in the Plano/Frisco area? Take 20% off your first visit.

Referral Thank You:

I am always grateful for referrals by my existing clients. When you refer someone to me and they complete their first visit upon your next visit receive 10% off any color service as a thank you.

Hair-Tips: September 2013

Add more life to your hair by following these 4 simple steps!

Supplement with Vitamins

If you do not take a multi-vitiman not only should you start but supplement by taking a “hair and nail” vitamin that contains additional levels of iron and vitamin D. As always consult a doctor before you start and to discuss any issues from medicines you might already be on.

Avoid High Levels Sulfate, Alcohol & Ammonium

Avoid hair products that contain high amounts of sulfate, alcohol and/or ammonium as too much of these ingredients can damage hair. Ask your stylist to recommend  the right products for your hair and texture type.

A Little Off Every 6 Weeks

Get at least 1/4 of an inch cut every 6 weeks. This will help avoid damaging your hair but allow you to more easily maintain your hair. Proper maintenance allows hair to grow healthier and faster.

Over and Under Washing

For most people  the proper cycle for washing hair should be every other day. This allows schedule should help prevent most dryness and frizz issues. If you are having dryness and frizz issues talk to a stylist about what products you use and make sure that is is the right product for your hair type.