Hair-Tips: September 2013

Add more life to your hair by following these 4 simple steps!

Supplement with Vitamins

If you do not take a multi-vitiman not only should you start but supplement by taking a “hair and nail” vitamin that contains additional levels of iron and vitamin D. As always consult a doctor before you start and to discuss any issues from medicines you might already be on.

Avoid High Levels Sulfate, Alcohol & Ammonium

Avoid hair products that contain high amounts of sulfate, alcohol and/or ammonium as too much of these ingredients can damage hair. Ask your stylist to recommend  the right products for your hair and texture type.

A Little Off Every 6 Weeks

Get at least 1/4 of an inch cut every 6 weeks. This will help avoid damaging your hair but allow you to more easily maintain your hair. Proper maintenance allows hair to grow healthier and faster.

Over and Under Washing

For most people  the proper cycle for washing hair should be every other day. This allows schedule should help prevent most dryness and frizz issues. If you are having dryness and frizz issues talk to a stylist about what products you use and make sure that is is the right product for your hair type.